What we do


TL Management GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany, is a consulting, financial advisory and brokerage boutique firm with business mandates mainly from Africa and Europe.


Our History

TL Management GmbH has a long history in strategy consulting, business development and corporate M&A advisory, focused on German, Swiss and US clients, since 1994. Clients had a turnover range from the low double million Euros into the single digit billions, typically with relationships going over many years.

During the past 10 years, the company has shifted its focus in consulting away from broad based consulting assignments with multi-person teams, to personal assignments covering issues of strategy, organization, financial structures and global business development, personally executed by the managing director and sole partner, Dr. Thomas Lückerath.

At the same time, TL Management has built a practice supporting privately held businesses in Africa (mainly in Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon) who seek investment capital to expand their business or develop projects within the scope of their business. Investors are Private Equity funds focused on developing economies or Africa, development banks and, in some cases, firms with an interest to build their business in Africa. The same service is available to European firms who wish to expand their business to Africa, and invest there.

During the past two years, TL Management GmbH has also started to work on trade financing solutions for clients, whose business potential exceeds what they can execute with their existing banking relationships.

Furthermore, during the past two years, our growing network of partners has led TL Management GmbH into related businesses, pursued on a more case by case basis. These are similar financial advisory assignments from areas outside Africa, as well as occasional requests from the firm's wide network of partners to help finding buyers or sellers for certain products, mainly agricultural or energy commodities.