TL Management GmbH


Business Development and Trading

In the course of our practice, we occasionally find opportunities to either broker trade of goods (commodities) or to develop and invest into a firm on our own behalf. The latter would typically not be done from the balance sheet of TL Management GmbH, but from Dr. Thomas Lückerath private funds. The capacity to pursue and digest such opportunities is limited, and we only engage with partners who we know well.
Therefore, we suggest considering the “Business Development and Trading” section as “for information only”, because prospective clients and business partners should know what the firm and its principal are doing. The section is not an invitation to flood us with proposals on all kinds of business dealings or investment to evaluate and engage. We don’t have the time, the resources and interest to follow up on them, and to spend endless hours to explain hopefuls why we abstain.

We are very careful to avoid a conflict of interest between a business where we engage as principal (either as TL Management GmbH, or privately) and mandates from clients.