TL Management GmbH



We have a strong background in consulting. Dr. Thomas Lückerath, after a stint as university lecturer in economics, first worked for the Boston Consulting Group, later as head of strategic projects of German Philips (at a time when Philips was a formidable conglomerate). Then he ran a successful practice with his own company TL Management GmbH. The latter’s trademark was a focus on very successful clients, yet with more ambition. With few exceptions, we did not rescue the almost dead, we were advisers to the ambitious winners. Clients were mostly the fabulous German Mittelstand companies, with turnover sometimes up to the low billions of Euros. Their trademark, beyond their financials, and one of several underlying causes of their success, is an unpolitical and unbureaucratic decision process.
We no more offer data digging and research services with multi person teams. But we like to consult, and we offer experience, judgment, knowledge over many areas, and often, based on this, speed in arriving at valuable insights on the levers toward success and profit. What we like is to personally advise entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial managers, what we don’t like is to work in a complex bureaucracy.