Corporate Strategy

All assignments on Corporate Strategy will be executed under the sole responsibility of the managing Director of TL Management GmbH, Dr. Thomas Lückerath. Based on his long experience across companies, geographies and tasks, and a Know how not only covering corporate strategy issues, but also the political, social and financial environment, Dr. Thomas Lückerath is a a partner for top corporate leaders to assess key strategy issues and develop a sensible course of action for his clients.Particular attention is given to an integrated view covering key internal and external aspects relating to the opportunities, challenges and risks of our clients

  • an honest assessment of the company's abilities and resources
  • both with a view to its plans per se, and in comparison to competitors
  • opportunities, challenges and risks on a global scale
  • the financial and political environment, including exchange rate and interest rate issues, as well as the consequences which sometimes arise when major economies change their political orientation
  • clear documentation and communication of a chosen course of action

These consulting services can be taken both in the context of a long term relationship, or in the form of a workshop or informal discussion(s) with one or several top executives of our clients, focused on particular topics. TL Management GmbH does not have staff beyond a very limited support, and there is no necessity for us to force large budgets or teams on our clients, to seek long answer to short questions, some of which may need more judgment than analysis.  

Special Assignments

Apart from consulting on Corporate Strategy, TL Management GmbH takes consulting assignments under a number of special circumstances and conditions. These may, for example, be the following

  • a quick analysis of an acquisition target. The typical situation will involve a (major) firm which considers to acquire a smaller firm, but is not sure what value the target has and what it can offer towards the acquiring firm's objectives. Depending on size of target and circumstances, such assignments may be executed within one or two weeks. They don't substitute the due diligence process, but they can be valuable to come to an early go/no go decision, and to speed up and focus the subsequent process.
  •  support of firms in loss making situations, operating under financial constraints and compelled to manage a turnaround. TL Management GmbH does not seek mandates of companies which are in bankruptcy proceedings, or close to undergoing them. We seek to work with companies in the stage prior to this, which can no more delay action, but still have time and resources left to achieve results.
  • furthermore, we offer consulting support relating to our financial advisory practice, both to European firms who consider to invest in Africa, and to African firms who seek investment (please see Financial Advisory section).
  • depending on circumstances, other special assignments may be taken. We love challenges! Please ask!